We do not consent to SRM experimentation

Regarding environmental preservation and air quality

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Australians do not consent to hazardous atmospheric activity, such as solar radiation modification (SRM) or stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) involving the release of aerosols, air contaminants or electromagnetic radiation pollution into the atmosphere or environment.

Scientific dimensions of SRM include the use of inter-operable ground-based, airborne, and space-based facilities. These systems involve space-based, man-made networks of satellites communicating in real-time with ground-based infrastructure via transmission of electromagnetic radiation.

The People of Australia demand immediate reduction and elimination of xenobiotic electromagnetic radiation pollution, repeal of the Rain-Making Control Act, and demand prohibition in perpetuity of all atmospheric experimentation in Australia including, but not limited to, cloud seeding, weather modification, SRM “geo-engineering” or “climate engineering”.

Though the Australian Government denies participation in weather modification or SRM activities, the current policy allows for SRM and other hazardous atmospheric activities without the consent of the People of Australia.

Therefore, SRM and other hazardous atmospheric experimentation involving the direct, indirect, negligent or willful discharge, release, dispersion or injection of aerosols, air contaminants, electromagnetic radiation, or other pollution that have, or will have a harmful consequence upon human health, the environment, wildlife, or agriculture, must be prohibited.

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